Digestive Health with Real Food, 2nd Edition

Cover photos & recipes photographed for the updated & expanded 2nd edition of Digestive Health with Real Food by Aglaée Jacob. Shot on location in London, England & Stockholm, Sweden.
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Unlike narrow diets that tell you what to eat and what not to eat, the protocol presented in Digestive Health with REAL Food, 2nd Edition explains why certain foods are problematic for some people, and how to determine if they are problematic for you. Personalization is critical in tackling digestive issues from as many angles as possible, and this book will help you discover, and build, the optimal diet for you.

Chapter 1 reviews the basic functioning of a healthy digestive system, including the leaky-gut concept and the importance of stomach acid and gut flora. In Chapter 2, Aglaee builds on this information to reveal the many ways your digestion can go wrong. You will learn about non-celiac gluten sensitivity, SIBO, and FODMAP intolerance, along with many other digestive disorders.

Food can either compromise your gut health or help it function more optimally, and Chapters 3 and 4 cover different foods and food groups to so you can understand what you should and should not be eating. Everyone is different, and individual tolerance varies, but knowing which foods are more likely to be problematic can help you better appreciate how your digestive system reacts to what you eat.

In Chapter 5, it is time for action! You will learn how to proceed with the elimination diet protocol based on the type and severity of your symptoms. Then, in the reintroduction phase, you ll learn how your body reacts to specific foods so that you can start building your personal optimal diet.

While food is the central factor in digestive health, supplements and the mind-body connection play a big role. Chapter 6 addresses supplements including homemade bone broth, fermented foods, glutamine, omega-3 fats, and vitamin D that can support your digestive and overall health.

Chapter 7 demonstrates that the mind and gut are interconnected. Aglaee offers important advice on stress management, sleep, and exercise, which should all constitute an integral part of your gut-healing program.

Your new way of eating shouldn t prevent you from eating out and traveling! All you need is a little planning. Chapter 8 will help you develop strategies to live your life to the fullest without having to worry about digestive problems or limited food tolerance.

Chapter 9 is all about troubleshooting. It is chock-full of practical and often easy tips to help you address cravings and fatigue. It will also help you understand why symptoms can return, and how to deal with them.

Chapter 10 is where things get delicious! You ll find dozens of meal, snack, and treat recipes and ideas to make sure you are forever excited about eating REAL food. You will never again have the excuse of saying you do not know what to eat!

Too many people fail at following an elimination diet because they forget that it is about eliminating problematic foods not calories! Chapter 11 gives you an idea of what a week of eating in the elimination and reintroduction phases looks like. It also details how much you need to eat to ensure you get enough calories. The nutritional protocol suggested in this book is far from a starvation diet, and this chapter will help you make sure you are eating enough.

Nobody knows what you should eat, but your body will tell you if you learn how to listen. This book provides a comprehensive, practical, step-by-step guide to a REAL-food-based approach to recovering your digestive health naturally and building your personal optimal diet.

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