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Here you'll find a constantly evolving space devoted to the elements that make us human - on the deepest, but most simple, level.

The art of the ultimate human experience - the practice of slow living; conscious & ethical travel; the preservation of diversity & cultural tradition; celebration of what the human body & mind are capable of (and how to get there, too).

Ultimately, I explore what life really is, why we're here, and what we should do about it.

Looking for answers to life's biggest questions is where you'll find me.

See you on the road,
x Savannah

Sup, Buttercup?
Little Stories of My Life

#MorningCoffee X Mother Nature

Q: "Do you race with the pack and bay at the rising of the moon???"

A: "More or less, but it's more often that I run solo, coming & going as I please, passing through lives like a ghost. Here today, gone tomorrow. Popping up every once in a while, with no commitments or guarantees or promises. A visitor who looks into their lives from the outside, but never becoming a member of the pack."

Shot on location near Knivsta, Sweden for The Beast Goddess.