11 January 2016 • Amsterdam, Netherlands.


We burnt like a whirlpool blazing with flame.

Fire and water furled in the perfect tornado.

Blending with passion they said would destroy us.


Your fire, sharp and defined.

Licking the in-concise curves

of my unpredictable morphing form.


Fire — defined, uniform, raging, passionate, purifying.

You banished the darkness in my heart

and gave me the courage to love.


Water — scattered, undefined, flowing, emotional, loving.

I washed over you,

soothing your soul and healing ancient wounds.


Intertwined, we took a chance

against the odds that we

Would burn each other’s hearts.


But I awoke to see us destroyed.

Shadows of the sensual blaze we once were.


Your embrace blistered my skin

as I washed you away,

slipping between your fingers.


Too late, we saw what we made of each other,

ashes and puddles.


I watched, distant, as you disintegrated into embers,

Flickering, smoking, dying.

No longer the burning flame that seduced me.


My ocean, a stagnant puddle.

My waves dried up, never again to carry you,

rolling over into peaks of ecstasy.


Your embers smoldered,

drenched in my lifeless puddle,

until the last orange glow faded into smoke,

furling into the night sky.


What had we done to us?


I decayed, rotting, collecting dust

until the sun scorched me

and the tears that remained

disappeared into the cracked earth.


Escaping, the beads of my soul found life in a river.

She carried me far from your ashes,

To new lands, to feed new life

I found nourishment.


But what is nourishment without love?

Mother Earth cried tears for us.

For our love so pure it shook the heavens,

leaving forest fires and violent floods in its wake.


A love that would make the sun

and moon light up the sky with envy,

evaporated into nothing.


Her rage lit the sky with bolts of lightning.

The parched Earth caught fire,

your love roared with a rage I never felt before,

and I felt my skin melt with rapture

across distant lands,

ripping through forests,

fields, meadows to scorch my heart once more.


In her tears, you found me.

Flowing through rivers,

falling from the sky to kiss your face.

Forging through the veins of our sweet Mother.


Unpredictable, heavy, wild, refreshing, pure.

Again your flames and my waves could dance together.

My water to sooth your sharp heart, to dampen your fury,

with a promise to shelter your flame from the wind,

so it would never go out.


With the tide, I pulled you to my depths.

The ebb and flow of my currents pulsed through us

and our toes curled like the waves crashing

on the shore.


Your fire to light my passion ablaze,

to strengthen my spirit,

to throw fireworks into the sky,

your love to light up the nights I can’t see the stars.


With a promise that you would protect my springs,

So that not everyone would drink from them to quench their thirst.


A promise to shine light and give me warmth,

And together we would make flowers bloom.

With fire and water, we would rebuild the Earth.


You, the master of the Sun,

And my fountains the mistress of the Moon.

Lava Flows Over Rocks, into the Ocean

Originally published on Rebelle Society.

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